How long should I grow my brows out before my first appointment?
I prefer new clients to grow their brows out for at least 4 weeks before coming to see me. I want to achieve the best possible brow shape for each client! Sometimes we achieve that in one session, with monthly clean-up waxes, and sometimes it can take a year to attain! I ask all clients to trust the process.

Your online scheduler needs a credit/debit card to book an appointment, will I be charged when I book my appointment? 
You will not be charged when you book your appointment. A fee is incurred when a client no shows their appointment, or if an appointment is canceled with less than 24 hour notice. If you give more than 24 hour notice of cancellation, you will not be charged

What does a brow tint entail?
Brow tinting enhances your natural brow to create a darker or more even tone to the brow hairs. It is not an alternative to filling your brows in, in the way that it does not stain your skin, it only dyes the hair of the brow.

How long do brow and lash tints last?
Depending on your skin type, brow tints may last 2.5 to 4 weeks. Lash tints can last up to 4 weeks with proper maintenance. 

What exactly is a lash lift?
A lash lift curls your natural lashes at the root and in an upward position, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes for 6 to 8 weeks. The procedure takes an hour and includes a complimentary lash tint and nourishing LashBotox treatment. It is a great alternative for those with sensitive eyes, allergies, and those who prefer a natural, enhanced look.

Do you take walk-in appointments?
I currently only take pre booked appointments. I encourage clients that prefer same day booking to check the online scheduling app to see if there are any cancellations. You may also ask to be placed on a cancellation list.

How long or short should my hair be for body waxing?
The hair should be at least 1/4th to 1/2 inch long for best results. Once the hair becomes finer (a result of consistent waxing) it can be waxed at a shorter length.

What kind of wax do you use?
I use two different types of hard wax (stripless) for facial and body waxing, and a combination cream/soft wax for leg services.

What is the difference between modified bikini and Brazilian?
A Brazilian removes everything from front to back, with the option of leaving a strip or triangle up top. A modified bikini takes 3 finger widths outside of the panty line, and 2 finger widths inside the panty line, including 2 finger widths off the top. It does not remove hair from the labia.